Neighborhood Traffic Calming Policy

Neighborhood Traffic Calming Policy

Traffic & Speed Mitigation Policy

The Frederick County Neighborhood Traffic and Speed Mitigation Policy was originally endorsed on January 4, 2000, and most recently updated on March 17, 2015. The County Executive has delegated to the County Manager the oversight of the policy and any appeals. The Division of Public Works will administer the policy on a day-to-day basis and will serve as the defacto contact agency.

County residents and Home Owner's Associations may petition the county to initiate a Traffic and/or Speed Mitigation. If eligible, based on the results of a study, the mitigation effort may result in the installation of speed humps or other traffic calming device, as warranted.

Bumps Versus Humps

The county does not endorse to use bumps, as shown in the top figure. The county only endorses to use either style of humps shown in the middle and bottom figures.


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