Request for New Traffic Control Signs

Requests for New Traffic Signs
Office of Transportation Engineering

Ph: (301) 600-2930

For a more definitive description of traffic control signs and devices please access the Federal Highway Administration’s web site and click on Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices.

Here are a few of the most commonly requested signs.

Curve Warning signs
Black/yellow diamond-shaped signs that forewarn a sharp curve ahead are justified when the driver needs to be advised to significantly adjust his/her speed, or when the curve is “beyond a hill” and needs to be forewarned.

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No Parking Signs:
The Division of Public Works will only endeavor to erect parking restrictions and controls following confirmation of one of the three prerequisites. 1) Upon endorsement from any other County agency that the installation of said signs will better enable them to perform their enforcement duties. 2) Upon confirmation that parked cars constitute a hazard to motorists. 3) Upon confirmation of a maintenance issue such that the installation of said signs will better enable DPW to control or reduce our maintenance responses.

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School Bus Stop & School Bus Turnaround Signs:
The Frederick County Public School Transportation holds the primary responsibility for safe pick up and delivery of children.  DPW delegates decisions pertaining to these signs to the FCPS-Transportation office. Their phone number is 301-644-5366.

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Speed Limit Signs:
The Division of Public Works has produced a “discussion paper” on these signs. It can be viewed at Discussion Paper: "Speed Limits"

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Stop-Ahead Signs:
These signs are only justified when the view ahead to the stop sign is restricted. Otherwise, if the view is clear, this sign is not normally justified.

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Stop Signs:
These are often requested to address speeding, however, that is not the purpose of a stop sign. The Division of Public Works does not endorse to employ stop signs to mitigate speeding. A stop sign is intended to give hierarchy of one street over another. The Division has produced a “discussion paper” that is specific to this issue. It can be viewed at Discussion Paper: "Multi-Way Stops"

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