Dental Insurance

Dental Insurance
Employees may select coverage from one of three dental plan options offered through CIGNA. Choose from the Cigna Dental Care - DHMO, the Basic Dental PPO, and the Enhanced Dental PPO plans. Receiving regular dental care can not only catch minor problems before they become major and expensive to treat - it may even help improve your overall health. Gum disease is increasingly being linked to complications for pre-term birth, heart disease, stroke, diabetes, osteoporosis and other health issues. You can compare the plans here.

The completed application must be submitted to the Division of Human Resources within 30 days of the employee's first date of employment or benefit eligibility.Insurance is in effect on the first day of the month that follows the completion of 30 days of employment in an eligible status. Frederick County pays $5 of the monthly premiums for dental coverage.

Dependents may be covered until they reach age 26 without meeting a student status requirement. .

Dental rates per pay period, effective January 1, 2016
Parent / Child
Employee + Spouse
$22.50 $31.64 $42.63