Zoning Ordinance Instructions

Zoning Ordinance Instructions
For the on-line Frederick County Zoning Ordinance please search the American Legal Publishing Corporation website. The online version of the Zoning Ordinance may not include changes made by recently adopted text amendments. To insure that you have the most current text, please review the recent text amendments that are part of the Zoning Ordinance Rewrite. Due to the high volume of information contained on the site, it may take some time for the pages to load. Please be patient. Then follow these instructions:
  1. Click the folder next to Part I: Frederick County Code. It is the 4th link on the left side navigation links.
  2. Clicking this folder will give you a drop down list of all of the chapters in the Frederick County Code.
  3. Either click on the folder or the chapter link text to view the associated information.
  4. If you have only a number, for example (1-19-4.300) you may use the search command at the top center of the page or go to Part 1, Chapter 19 and scroll down to the designated Section.
  5. If you have a Part #, Chapter #, Section # you could search based on this as well. For example if there is a reference to Part 1 Chapter 19 Section 8.500 type into the search 1-19-8.500.
For More Information
For more information please contact the Zoning Administration.