Walk-Through Permits

About the Permit
The Department of Permits and Inspections offers a walk-through plan review and permitting process for certain types of residential and non-residential applications. The walk-through process is available to anyone whose project meets the established criteria. Applicants meeting these eligibility requirements can receive a permit during a single while they wait visit. To determine if your project meets the eligibility requirements, please check out the following information:
Submittal requirements and permit application forms for specific construction types are available at the following link: Building Permit Applications.

Commercial Permit Notice
Effective December 15, 2011, The Department of Permits and Inspections, The Division of Utilities and Solid Waste Management, and the Environmental Health Department, through a collaborative effort, have devised an expanded expedited process to allow an application for minor construction involving plumbing to be eligible as an expedited permit. Previously, when plumbing work was involved, the Expedited Walk-Through Permit process could not be utilized. Now, it is possible through the use of technology, including video-conferencing, to use an expedited process.