Forest Resource Ordinance Program

About the Program

The Forest Resource Ordinance (FRO) protects and enhances local forest resources. This program was adopted in 1992 to meet the State Forest Conservation Act of 1991.

Forest Mitigation Requirements

Development, forest clearing, and earth disturbing activities must meet FRO requirements as follows:
  • Reforestation or conservation: This program replaces forest that is removed as part of the development process and conserves remaining forest.
  • Afforestation: This program requires developers to plant forest in accordance with the afforestation threshold (20% of the project area).
  • Forest Banking Program: This program accepts voluntary FRO easements. Each acre placed into easement is a credit that can be sold to others who need to meet their FRO requirements.
  • Fee-In-Lieu Program: Money collected through this mitigation process is used to finance tree planting projects in the county.

Forest Resource Ordinance Part 1 - Chapter 1-21

Other ordinances sections are as follows:
  • Adequate Public Facilities Ordinance: Part 1 Chapter 1-20
  • Development Impact Fee Part 1: Chapter 1-22
  • Subdivision Ordinance Part 1: Chapter 1-16
  • Zoning Ordinance Part 1: Chapter 1-19
For the most recent Forest Resource Ordinance, please search the American Legal Publishing Corporation website. If you need any assistance locating this information, please contact Development Review at 301-600-1138.