Sign Regulations

Sign Regulations
For the most current sign regulations please see the Zoning Ordinance Sections 1-19-6.300 to 1-19-6.330.

Sign Erection & Maintenance § 1-19-6.300

Signs will be erected and maintained only when in compliance with the provisions of this and all other chapters relating to the erection, alteration, or maintenance of signs or similar devices. (Ord. 77-1-78, § 40-46(A), 1-24-1977)

General Regulations - § 1-19-6.310
The following regulations will apply to all permitted sign uses.
  • No sign, other than an official traffic sign, will be located within the right-of-way lines of any street, except as provided in subsections (G) and subsection (I).
  • No freestanding sign will exceed 25 feet in height, except as provided elsewhere in this section.
  • No permit is required for the erection, alteration or maintenance of any signs permitted in § 1-19-6.320, paragraphs (A) through (F), of this Code or for political signs as set forth in subsection (H) below.
  • A permit is required for the erection or alteration of signs permitted in § 1-19-6.320, paragraphs (G) through (J) and as required in subsection (I) of this section.
  • Each sign will be removed when the circumstances leading to its erection no longer apply.
  • No sign will by reason of its intensity, color, location or movement interfere with traffic lights, signals, or other controls or obscure the view of a street or in any other manner impair public safety.
  • Subdivision and community identification signs are permitted in the right-of-way of monumented public streets, where median strips are used to channel traffic, providing that the Zoning Administrator approves the sign and he issues a revocable permit conditioned upon removal of the sign at no cost to the county at such time as the county may require. In addition, the following conditions shall be met.
    • The community residents or the community association shall keep in good repair and in safe, neat, clean, and attractive condition the sign.
    • The sign must be placed 10 feet from the nose of the monument or the end of the median strip and within the monument island.
    • The sign must be designed so as not to obstruct full sight distance.
  • Political campaign signs identifying candidates seeking public political office and/or political issues and other data pertinent thereto shall be permitted as set forth below.
    • Each sign shall be located within the owner’s property boundaries and shall not be located within the public right-of-way.
  • Temporary real estate directional sign placement will be permitted in the county per the following guidelines:
    • A temporary real estate directional sign may not exceed 3 square feet in size.
    • A temporary real estate directional sign may not exceed 3 feet in height, measured from the ground to the top of the sign.
    • A temporary real estate directional sign shall be supported on metal or wooden stakes, supplied by the installer, and shall not be attached to trees, utility poles, traffic-control signs, traffic signal poles, walls of buildings, barns, sheds, fences, or other physical elements.
    • A temporary real estate directional sign may be placed only between the hours of 7 a.m. Saturday and 8 p.m. Sunday. Hours may be extended to include legal holidays that are observed on Monday or Friday.
    • In the case of existing real estate, a maximum of 3 temporary real estate directional signs per open house are permitted, without obtaining a permit, but subject to the provisions of this section.
    • A maximum of 4 off-site community temporary real estate directional signs (not individual builders) are permitted upon the developer’s obtaining a sign permit from the county which sets forth the locations of the signs and that placement will be in compliance with this section.
    • Individual builders will be permitted to place up to 4 temporary real estate directional signs within communities in which the building activity is occurring.
    • County staff is hereby authorized to remove any temporary real estate directional sign found to be in violation of the provisions of this section.
    • A temporary real estate directional sign may be placed in the county right-of-way, provided that it does not obstruct sight lines or pose any safety hazard to the public.
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Signs Permitted & Regulated in the Zoning Districts - § 1-19-6.320
See associated Sign Regulation Table and the following ordinances:
  • 1959 Code, § 1-19-183
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Temporary Business Signs - § 1-19-6.330
Temporary business signs located on the property of the business being advertised are permitted in any commercial district without a permit, if the total allowable square footage for all signs on the property is not exceeded and all signs meet the setback requirements for principal buildings on the same lot. (Ord. 77-1-78, § 40-46(O), 1-24-1977)