Placard Posting Requirements

Placard Posting Requirements
The premises must be posted in accordance with the following rules:
  • An affidavit certifying the posting of the required placard must also be filed on the day the property is posted.
  • Placard must be posted a minimum of 30 days prior to the public hearing date.
  • Placard must be posted in a conspicuous manner not over 6 feet above the ground level and affixed to a sturdy frame where it will be clearly visible and legible to the public.
  • Placard must be placed on the property within 10 feet of the property line that abuts the most traveled public road.
  • Placard shall be maintained at all times by the applicant until after the public hearing.  If a new placard is needed or required, please contact the Division of Planning at 301-600-1138.
  • Proper posting of the placard will be spot-checked by the Zoning Administrator and if not in compliance, it may result in the rescheduling of the hearing.