Catoctin Mountain Scenic Byway Plan Purpose

About the Plan
The Corridor Management Plan provides a comprehensive understanding of the Catoctin Mountain Scenic Byway and will assist the County with its plans to preserve and enhance it. The Corridor Management Plan consists of the following components:
  • A description of what you plan to do to explain and interpret the byway’s significant resources to visitors.
  • A general review of the road’s safety record to locate hazards and poor design, and identify possible corrective measures.
  • A listing and discussion of efforts to minimize anomalous intrusions on the visitor’s experience of the byway.
  • A map identifying the corridor boundaries, location of intrinsic qualities, and land use in the corridor.
  • A plan to accommodate commercial traffic while ensuring the safety of sightseers in smaller vehicles, as well as bicyclists, joggers, and pedestrian.
  • A plan for on-going public participation.
  • A plan to make sure that the number and placement of highway signs will not get in the way of scenery, but still be sufficient to help tourists find their way. This includes, where appropriate, signs for international tourists who may not be able to read English proficiently.
  • A strategy for maintaining and enhancing each of these intrinsic qualities.
  • A strategy of how existing development might be enhanced and new development accommodated to preserve the intrinsic qualities of the byway.
  • An assessment of the intrinsic qualities and their “context” (the areas surrounding them).
  • Any proposals for modifying the roadway, including an evaluation about design standards and how proposed changes may affect the byway’s intrinsic qualities.
  • Documentation of compliance with all existing local, state, and federal laws about the control of outdoor advertising.
  • Plans of how the byway will be marketed and publicized.
  • The agencies, groups, and individuals who are part of the team that will carry out the plan, including a list of their specific, individual responsibilities. Also a schedule of when and how the community will review the degree to which these responsibilities are being met.