Water & Sewer
Providing an adequate water supply and sewage treatment is an important responsibility of local government in Frederick County. Without these essential services, the quality of life and conveniences that our community takes for granted would rapidly disappear.

Coordinating and administering the municipal, county, state or federal plans for improvements and expansions of water and sewer systems is one of the primary functions of the Frederick County Water and Sewerage Plan. This plan, establishes goals for water and sewer services, public review procedures, and regulates approved service improvements.

The Water and Sewer Maps have been prepared to identify if or when public water and sewer service will be provided to a property in Frederick County. The following is a quick guide to the classifications.
  • S-1/W-1: Existing Service
  • S-2/W-2: Engineering Phase – This category is not mapped.
  • S-3/W-3: Preliminary Design Phase.
  • S-4/W-4: Concept Evaluation Phase
  • S-5/W-5: Long Range Plan Phase
  • PS: Planned Service
  • NPS: No Planned Service
The classification between S-1/W-1 and S-5/W-5 are flexible. Movement up in category can be dependent on private property owner initiation, approval of zoning or preliminary subdivision plans and consistency with the County Comprehensive Plan.

In March, July, and November the Division of Planning accepts applications to change the water and sewer classifications of properties. These applications must be coordinated with the Water and Sewerage Plan, County Comprehensive Plan and current zoning to ensure consistency.