Frequently Discussed Topics (cont. 1)

Criminal Matters

The State’s Attorney’s Office for Frederick County has the responsibility for prosecuting serious criminal and motor vehicle cases before the Circuit and District Courts for Frederick County.

The State’s Attorney’s Office may be reached at 301-600-1523.

Pending Court Cases

Unless your case involves the county as a party, we cannot provide information on pending court cases.

For further information, you may contact:
  • The Circuit Court Clerk at 301-600-1976
  • The District Court Clerk at 301-600-2000

Code of the Public Local Laws of Frederick County, Maryland

The 2004 Code of Ordinances is available for purchase. Persons wishing to purchase the code should contact American Legal Publishing by telephone at 800-445-5588 or by email. The code is also available by a link to American Legal Publishing’s website.

Legal Advice on Private Issues

Citizens needing legal advice on private issues should retain a private attorney. Check the local Yellow Pages for informative listings by name and by area of practice.

The Frederick County Bar Association can be reached at 301-663-1139 or by email.